Friday, April 15, 2011

Just Raptors - 2007 Birthed From the Chalk

Band : Just Raptors
Album : Birthed From the Chalk
Release Year : 2007
Genre : Post-Hardcore | Progressive | Chaotic | Experimental

Tracklist : 
A 01 - Bubbly
A 02 - Chinese Democracy
A 03 - Closer to the Stars
A 04 - Fossilized Runaways
A 05 - Technology Will Get the Better of Us
B 01 - Paradiso
B 02 - Shock le Bleu
B 03 - The Author the Title

Discovered this band from I Just Got This Blog Goin', thanks for Nico for posting such an awesome band like this!!!
Three guys from Bothell, WA. Released their EP Birthed from the Chalk on Yehonala Records, but they end up on December 2006.
This is their only album, a brilliant mix of twirling chaoscore and catchy post punk. if you like Fear Before the March of Flames, The Blood Brothers or even The Fall of Troy, you will like these boys.

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