Sunday, April 3, 2011

Merkabah - 2011 Lyonesse

Band : Merkabah
Album : Lyonesse
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Metal | Jazzcore | Freestyle | Experimental

Tracklist :
1. Narwhals
2. Deconstruction Mass
3. The Occultation

Polish avant band. Partitures of post-hardcore, free-jazz and noise-rock with abstract maths, broken by improvisation and free form, all in the court of the crimson king.

The second ep of the trio, this time live (in order of quality, do not worry). The first ep in 2010. The band therefore not idle, and even Rumour has it  that the  cut is already a full-length  material.
Long, complex, or even complicated and broken compositions  do not  give the listener  a break. What throws up immediately in your ears  is ... saxophone. Relatively classical instruments  the band decided to extend it just a wind instrument. The combination of  the sound  the crowd  (and the seeming chaos of madness) with a saxophone can invoke various associations.  It seems that the trio (or, and much more) created a fairly original and their sound. LP should confirm this.
This music is a pretty good idea but pretty and technology is something else. Emotions. And that's a rarity.

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