Friday, May 6, 2011

June Paik & Battle Of Wolf 359 - 2010 Split

Band : June Paik
Album : June Paik 10"
Release Year : 2008
Genre : Screamo | Emotive | Post-Rock

Tracklist :
A1- June Paik - Grenzwert
B1- Battle of Wolf 359 - We Can't Go On Like This
B2- Battle of Wolf 359 - Eclipse Chasing

This split came out recently as part of the pair's partial tour of the US in August. Since the bands have been friends for a while and their sounds complement each other well the idea of a split is perfect. With React With Protest also heavily involved in helping both bands they are naturally putting this out, along with the guys from Adiago 830. A fairly minimalistic 7'' in terms of artwork and packaging but this is made up for by the sheer crushing heaviness contained within the record.

June Paik are a band that blew me away when I first heard them but failed to retain my enthusiasm as time went on, as they seemed to repeat the same sort of formula but not as well. I was told, however, that their song on this split is one of their best yet and I am very happy to say that I concur. I can tell it's them playing but they have constructed a song very different to their recent 10'', with a definite increase in heaviness and ferocity. They still include their trademark instrumental parts but initially there is a teasingly short part before the heaviness kicks back in. Towards the end there is a bit more of their traditional melodic and epic feel. The only thing I don't like is how the song fades out in volume, it cheapens the track somewhat. Other than that it's great and I hope the band can come up with some more new songs with this sort of quality.

Battle Of Wolf 359 conjure up two songs on the flip side which are as solid as ever. Further crushing hardcore which also dabbles in instrumental melody at times. Lyrics are about the recent change in British government and foreign conflict. I am very interested to see where this band go next; they have a fairly original sound, numerous records out that I listen to a fair amount and are phenomenal live. I just hope they can keep evolving and keep sounding fresh.

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