Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hides - 2011 Hides 7"

Band : Hides
Album : Hides 7"
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Hardcore | Punk

Tracklist :
1. Side A
2. RXed Up
3. Stand Off
4. Phase I
5. B&E
6. Stalkerish
7. 207
8. Detectives

Well, i found this band somewhere on Tumblr, and got the link from awesome blog "Circling the Drain", and thanks so much for this!!
Hides is a three piece hardcore/punk band based in San Francisco, CA featuring current or ex-members of The Program, Seize the Night, That Ghost and Hospital Haunts. This is their debut self-titled 7" Recorded, mixed and mastered in spring 2011 by Jack Shirley from Comadre. Well, if you like das oath or another fast hardcore/punk sound, you shoul check them out!! Enjoy!!

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  1. I have to add my voice to the cacophony singing Florence + the Machine's praises. This is an unbelievable album from a whopper of a talent. I first heard "Hurricane Drunk" on KCRW and within minutes had committed to buying the whole album. That was a month ago, and I gotta tell you, the album still hasn't gotten old despite repeated playings.