Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fiasco - 2008 Native Canadians

Band : Fiasco
Album : Native Canadians
Release Year : 2008
Genre : Noise | Punk | Mathrock | Experimental

Tracklist : 
01. "Steve Herman"
02. "Oh, You Horny Monster!"
03. "It's Like Fishing Without a Hook and Expecting to Catch Fish"
04. "You Can Walk the Walk, But Can You Drive the Car?"
05. "I Figure It's Better We Do Something Ridiculous Than Nothing at All"
06. "I Wanna Be Your Cat"

Fiasco is a Brooklyn-based trio formed in October 2005 by Jonathan Edelstein (guitar/vocals), Julian Bennett Holmes (drums), and Lucian Buscemi (electric bass/vocals), although all three are multi-instrumentalists. They are known for their intense, high-energy music, their energetic live shows, and for playing off the venue's stage, in the round. The band draws influences from early 1980s hardcore punk bands such as Minor Threat, Flipper and Bad Brains, as well as more recent noise and indie rock bands such as Lightning Bolt, Fugazi, and Shellac, and math rock bands including Hella and Don Caballero. Fiasco only plays all-ages shows, with rare exceptions.

This album was originally recorded by record producer Billy Pavone, but on June 17, 2005, the band announced on their Myspace that they would not be using his recordings, but would instead use new recordings that they made themselves. The band toured in celebration of release of the cd in August, but because the vinyl pressing was not completed the album was not released until two months after the initial tour on October 12, 2008 at a cd release party. The cd was not released to the public until October 14.

This band is on hiatus now, and this note is taken from their site on Friday, August 26, 2011 :
Dear fans...
Dear beloved Fiasco fans,

We have some good news and some bad news.
Bad news:
Lucian just transferred schools, and he's moving to California to attend CalArts. So no more Fiasco shows in NY or the east coast for the fall.
Good news:
This does not mean we are breaking up! We are just going on a hiatus. We'll be around to play shows during school breaks. So, don't book us right now (unless you're willing to cover airfare for a weekend). Book Julian and Jonathan's band, Tetsuo!

See you in the winter!



Fiasco - 2007 God Loves Fiasco

Band : Fiasco
Album : God Loves Fiasco
Release Year : 2007
Genre : Noise | Punk | Mathrock | Experimental

Tracklist : 
01. "Hot House"
02. "Fed Up"
03. "Vertical Litter"
04. "Sir Gentleman"
05. "Jonathan's Voice Cracks"
06. "Wild Goose Chase Rag"
07. "Stargaze"
08. "Stop That"
09. "Nothing To Lose"
10. "0157:H7" - Spy Song"
11. "Rod Ferrell"
12. "Disappointment"
13. "Shot In My Sleep"
14. "TK-421"
15. "True Story" - The Aquarium"
16. "We Think You're Wrong"
17. "Execute Order 66"
18. "Red Delicious"
19. "Song For Ian"
20. "Jonathan Messes Up"
21. "You Never Know"
22. "Träume"
23. "Don't Mind The Killings"

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