Monday, September 12, 2011

The Expectorated Sequence - 2011 The Prolonged Disaster

Band : The Expectorated Sequence
Album : The Prolonged Disaster
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Mathcore | Noise | Screamo | Experimental

Tracklist :
1.Gathering Strength
2.You’ll dance
3.the bombardment begins
4.From now on…
5.Scum of the earth
6.Hairy Days
7.Another Mayday
9.Black Laugh
10.Comfort and Discouragement
12.Dark and Bright
14.Mourning Melody
15.My Steady Ground
16.Building a freedom/Lullaby

Five years have passed since The Expectorated Sequence released their last album Hair Bomb. After two years of hard work and intensive labor, the Montreal hardcore band is now ready to launch The Prolonged Disaster. Whenever the Apocalypse hits, this is the album I want to be listening to. The end of the world will have never sounded better.

Basically, The Expectorated Sequence is a full-on hardcore band. Musically, the 16 tracks that are found on The Prolonged Disaster throw us into several directions: hardcore, screamcore, punk and even some accents of math-core. "Battle" is by far one of the most powerful and melodic songs on the album, reminding us of a more technical and less inebriated Icarus Line, with hints of Russian Circles and instrumental harmonies reminiscent of Fucked Up.

The general themes that are explored by the band range from death to destruction, corruption and torture. There is also a certain element of optimism that is present on the album and the idea of ??a new start resurfaces in songs like: "You'll Dance, " "Scum Of The Earth" and "Yes". The Prolonged Disaster is punctuated by moments of pure bombastic explosions, sheer virtuosity and atmospheric landscapes. Technically, the band is amazing.

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