Sunday, September 18, 2011

Racebannon - 2011 Six Sik Sisters

Band : Racebannon
Album : Six Sik Sisters
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Screamo | Noise | Experimental

Tracklist :
1. Thee Plea
2. Thee Apology
3. Thee Interlude
4. Thee Brother
5. Thee Truth
6. Thee Solo
7. Thee Challenge
8. Thee Desperate
9. Thee End
Midway between a deleted scene from River's Edge and the resurrection of Frankenstein to unleash havoc upon the villagers that put him under, the Racebannon sound is one of many disparate influences that blend seamlessly into one lethal cocktail of hatred and aggression, draped in a cerecloth of pure molten rock that is as unforgiving as it is pulse-quickening. Indie rock? No. Metal? No. Hardcore?... No. Noise core? No. Racebannon? Yes. It really is that simple. Hesh enough for any mosh pit, yet cerebral enough for the art palate, Racebannon attack with the heave and punch the endtimes dictate while still keeping things fresh and original. Love or hate, there is no ignoring the 12 guage barrage of riffs, screams, and drums.

Six Sik Sisters is apparently some kind of concept album about the black plague, which seems appropriate enough. If I had to live in the center of Republican country, I'm sure I'd spend a decent amount of my time fantasizing about mass extinction, which is the true value in heavy misanthropic bands like the 'Bannon. The brutality of their music represents a deep-seated resistance to conformity and mental decay. Their precision, jaw-dropping "Jesus Lizard from the future" vibes remind the observer that the very desires to create languid mental conditions and conformity fuel only the inverse. This album came with a hyper-bizarre remix disc, further inciting the listener to pursue pleasant escapist dementia. You've just got to respect bands where art takes priority over marketing. Both of these discs could be filed in the "least likely to chart anywhere" category, and you get the feeling that's the point -- to do something that other people aren't doing, mainly because other people are stupid.

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