Monday, October 10, 2011

Amalthea - 2007 Decisions Should Be A Desert Bright And Clear

Band : Amalthea
Album : Decisions Should Be A Desert Bright And Clear
Release Year : 2007
Genre : Post-Rock | Screamo

Tracklist : 
1. Intro
2. Econ
3. The King Takes The Queen
4. A Valued Landscape
6. Feather
7. A World Captured In Slow Motion
8. I'll See You Again Tomorrow

Amalthea from Gislaved is one of those discoveries. They play a varied form of hardcore. The music isn't based on that much heavyness but rather on an atmosphere that builds up and transcends in long outbursts of wild and louder parts (or the other way around).
"Decisions..." feels more like one long track with a myriad of passages than a couple of songs on a record. But this doesn't stop "The king takes the queen" from stiking out as the highlight of the album. Nice raw vocals that yet expose something more than it's imperfection, a long chanting part, a crazy outburst...Not one second of boredom.
"Decisions..." is 38 eventful minutes och it feels like there is a lot to discover every time you listen it through.

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