Monday, October 10, 2011

Thy Mighty Contract - 2011 S/T

Band : Thy Mighty Contract
Album : S/T
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Indie | Post-Hardcore | Experimental

Tracklist : 
1. Bats in the Dark   
2. Conjugal Freelance   
3. Like I Mean It   
4. Inconspicuous Overlander   
5. Two Cities   
6. Kill What You Can   
7. Yur A Piece of Work   
8. Partners in Crime
9. Bonus Track
10. Conjugal Freelance (Video Clip)

In 2007, longtime musical acquaintances Thomas Barnwell, Max McDonough, Chris Ware and Ian Deaton met to start something new. They had only a couple of ground rules: #1, it was to be significantly less poppy than Barnwell and McDonough’s other project, the Orphins, and #2, it was to be substantially more poppy than Ware and Deaton’s previous band, Blame Game.
The quartet wrote a few songs whil...e searching for the perfect voice to handle both pop melodies and blazing speed picking. They found that voice in ex-I Would Set Myself On Fire For You member Lindsey Harbour.
The band quickly had enough material for a full length, but shortly thereafter, Deaton abruptly left the band. Determined to march on, the group continued writing and started searching for a replacement that could bring fresh ideas while maintaining their signature sound. Erin Carmichael, formerly of the group SIDS, fit the bill wonderfully. Once again a five piece, the band took no time to gel and has been feverishly writing new material and playing live.
Their self-titled debut is equal parts art rock, pop, metal and punk. Angular guitars dart in and out of danceable rhythms. Soaring vocals turn on a dime into shouts. Dark melodies shift to a blur of triumphant guitars. And through it all the sound is uniquely Thy Mighty Contract.

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