Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kylesa - 2011 Live at Hellfest

Band : Kylesa
Album : Live at Hellfest
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Hardcore | Sludge
Tracklist :
01 Do not Look Back
02 Unknown Awareness
03 Said And Done
04 Tired Climb
05 Distance Closing In
06 Bottom Line
07 Forsaken
08 Crowded Road
09 Running Red

Apart from the jaws of ten meters long by Philip and his vocal performance limit-limit, the concert was a great time Kylesa has once again confirmed what we think of this unique group: this is a pure product of Savannah that s' is largely emancipated by dint of developments and remarkable album to a level that makes him something other than just hype. The home is once again under the Imperial Tent Terrorizer, especially with regard to Laura (vocals, scratches), which shows in great shape, just like Corey (bass), block throughout the show. The Kylesa are not great singers, in fact, they fear squarely at that level, but the scope of their music is epic soon forget this tiny detail. Tribal psyche, melodic rock and roll and sometimes prog, metal of these five is all that it takes to make great concerts and tonight's setlist, which contains most of the titles of two recent albums " Static Tension "and" Spiral Shadow "shows the extent of their talent. It starts on the intro very punk roulette "Do not Look Back" that conceals filches happens behind the float, as are many highlights during the show as the huge break Tribal "Crowded Road" which sees Philip ask guitar violent percussion backing of these two colleagues drummers. Big time heavy metal and trance floydienne as "Running Red" served right after: OUCH! The concert ends with a "Severe Hollow" conqueror to finish on a note of bestiality mass that puts the public agrees: Kylesa's heavy, it's good Kylesa, Kylesa is like a good cheese fondue with mushrooms in it. (Thib)

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