Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Converge - 2011 Live at Hellfest

Band : Converge
Album : Live at Hellfest
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Chaotic | Hardcore | Mathcore

Tracklist :
 01 Concubine
02 Dark Horse
03 Heartache
04 Hellbound
05 Lonewolves
06 Runaway
07 Bitter and Then Some
08 The High Cost of Playing God
09 Reap What You Sow
10 Cutter
11 Worms Will Feed/Rats Will Feast
12 On My Shield
13 Axe to Fall
14 Wishing Well
15 Damages
16 First Light
17 Eagles Become Vultures
18 The Broken Vow
19 Last Light

With labels that warmed me seriously and two cabinets Metal Sickness (Barak and Manithas) I go see Converge. Change of sunglasses, backpack in front, it is likely to be war. Even with a hit in the nose, I had a nose! We had the right to one hour of total chaos, pieces destructive and completely unrestrained. In short, the provision remains a little fuzzy because of my advanced state of intoxication, but anyway it was good. The great stress relief! (Blackpsychoz)

Beam. Blocks. Bag of cement in the middle of pear! What Biffle my friends! (Master KDY)

"Converge rage, hysteria Converge, Converge, the name that brings together all the crazies of distortion in a cathartic communion, foaming at the mouth and foot to the floor. Today at Nantes weather is nice, the room is perfect, the large crowd: it's a beautiful day to die in the pit. ". With these few lines of the Gospel according to Saint Thib in mind that I am preparing to die. I left my chair, emptied my cup, welcomed the team, languidly caressed the zinc bar, hugged one last time inconsolable hostesses Jägermeister moved to tears. Yes I said, this trip to Terrorizer Tent will be my last. Consolation, I'm not the only decision to make the leap. The tent is full as an egg while our tormentors make their final adjustments while Jacob Bannon (vocals) around in circles like a caged lion, half hidden behind the amps. Black is finally. Our last hour has come. BOOM "Concubine" in your face, vlan "Dark Horse" PAF "Heartache" and "Hellbound". Converge is unleashed. Jacob Bannon is a monster roaring, leaping set the metronome with his colleagues, the tattoo man spits at the mouth of the public with all his bile. It is cash, it is his fists, it's useless. The trio Ballou (guitar) / Newton (bass) / Koller (drums) is much too strong. Lacerate the riffs, the duo is in low battery tank, the breaks are all hammer on the head. Barely a quarter of an hour of concert and it was already on one knee. It's amazing how the group is disconcerting ease and Assen real battering the audience without giving the impression of forcing his talent. But Converge is a group of sadistic. Feeling his public wavering after less than 20 minutes together, the band slowed the pace and let everyone come to its senses, the first rows overexcited in particular (how shit, what furnace). The vicious "The High Cost Of Playing God" emerged from the closet and then thought to be the group calmed down, it goes again. The atmosphere is crazy and the group, Bannon in mind, untenable. Images of Dillinger Escape Plan at the same place last year are coming back in the lead. While the musicians Converge are not acrobats at the same level, but this power and speed of execution binds the two groups definitely. We suffer in the pit, jumping, moshe is Slammer, determined to spend with dignity. "Worms Will Feed" gives us one last respite before the final assault group "Axe To Fall" allows Converge to push back the knobs at the bottom and Jacob Bannon to give a little bit more. But what mess he walks this guy? It feels a little more from and "First Light" sounds at the time as the start of a funeral march, the vultures fly above the Terrorizing, feeling the festival to make their last breaths on "The Broken Vow." Emptied, exploded, the public is not yet filled and screams for a recall, which does not take long to come. Latest blessings of the singer and here is the long awaited "Last Light": aggressiveness and beauty for a final assault in which the public and Bannon howl in unison, all guts out. THIS IS FOR THE HEART, STILL, BEATIIIIIING!. Final apocalyptic blackout, beating the festival. The Terrorizer Tent is only the remains of a cataclysmic battle and it's dusty and bloody crawl we went back outside. (Barak)

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