Saturday, October 29, 2011

Panic Candy - 2010 Panic Candy EP

Band : Panic Candy
Album : Panic Candy EP
Release Year : 2010
Genre : Hardcore | Mathcore | Exprimental

Tracklist :
1.The Amphetamine Falcon   
2.Rabid Pumpkin Shelter   
3.Drunk and Half a Million Out   
4.Expressway Dodgeball   
5.Hawaiian Shirt Day in the Trauma Ward   
6.Kansas Dance Horse

Panic Candy is a experimental grindcore/hardcore band from Massachusetts. With a 6-song EP that will leave you shattered in pieces. These new-comers are not to be taken lightly; with a core influence of Converge and Poison The Well they push the limits of the genre in an extremely chaotic way.

Like any band, we’re the remains of past musical endeavors with varying success.  We’ve toured. We’ve played to empty rooms. We’ve slept in parking lots. We’ve been robbed. Most importantly: A few of us have been to Alabama during the the Orange bowl.  We met a stammering drunk of a man; a myth, a legend, a prophet. He spoke rarely, but when he did - we listened, “Keep it simple.”  Those three words left an imprint on us of which we wouldn’t soon realise the importance.   Tour ended.  The old band split and 2010 was upon us. Life went on.  In spring Nick and Nunzio began to jam together with one mutual goal: to be as loud, fast, and agressive they could. A vocalist was brought in. Dave was brought in as a second vocalist. Dan was recruited as the keeper of chill. Vocalist #1 departed of his own accord. Over the following few months; Panic Candy was sculpted around the keep it simple attitude. Ignore genre. Do what feels right. Do what sounds right. Just rage. We’ve grown as a band and as people.  Panic Candy is our venue for doing what we love and what we believe in; Gettin’ down and gettin’ down hard.” -Panic Candy

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