Monday, October 31, 2011

Pariso - 2011 Square 7"

Band : Pariso
Album : Square 7"
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Chaotic | Hardcore

Tracklist :
1. 10 (Three Trapped Tigers)
2. Final Thoughts (Obituary)

This release features the tracks '10' (original version by Three Trapped Tigers) and 'Final Thoughts' (originally by Obituary). Both tracks clock in at over 3 minutes each. Both were recorded by Sam Thredder at the Cros Nest.

'10', on the A-side, takes several riffs from the track of the same name by Three Trapped Tigers and reworks them into a lurching, awkward, moshathon, with Jackson Conroy on vocals.

'Final Thoughts' is a cover of the Obituary track, with vocals by Chris Hang The Bastard and Sam Slabdragger. Guitar solo by Sina Hang The Bastard.

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