Saturday, October 29, 2011

Poison the Well - 2009 I-III II-III III-III

Band : Poison the Well
Album : I-III / II-III / III-III
Release Year : 2009
Genre : Post-Hardcore | Metalcore

Tracklist :
1. New Fast
2. Purple Sabbath
3. Shuffle
4. Bowie
5. A# No. 1
6. Gone Clean

New Fast is a track that holds as much energy as anything from 'The Opposite Of December' with new the age Poison the Well writing style. It fast, upbeat, and addictive. This song is great opening and gives you the feel of the entire album.
Some songs are slower, with almost clean parts, (see parts of 'Purple Sabbath' and 'Bowie'), but most follo this pattern of fast an upbeat, happy feeling songs from a band that last released a dark one (again, in my opinion). Jeffrey does a lot of singing on this one, with many harmonious parts (most of 'A# No.1'), which creat catchy choruses that you'll be humming for days afterwards.
Most of the songs are quite short, which is annoying, just when you really get into them they're over (Gone Clean is 1:02) and because of this, you sometimes dont feel as if the song isn't done, as if the thought hasn't finished. Some songs lack in interesting parts or hooks (i.e. 'Bowie', 'Gone Clean') but the other 4 are so catchy it will make up for it.
Overall, a good mid-LP release that got me more stoked about the upcoming 'Tropic Rot' Poison the Well plans to release. Easy quick-pick up-and-listen songs that don't require much thought, but will have you hooked. Basically, if you liked Versions you'll like there, they aren't reinventing their sound, just cruising on it, which at this point, is just fine with me. -Slimjim367

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