Wednesday, November 2, 2011

As The Sun Sets - 2001 7744

Band : As The Sun Sets
Album : 7744
Release Year : 2001
Genre : Chaotic | Mathcore | Experimental

Tracklist : 
1. Hay is For Horses
2. I Saw the Saturday Sky Over I-95 Explode
3. I've Run Over Black Cats That Were Luckier Than Me
4. Noise Track
5. While Others Attend Chatrooms With Erections
6. Feed the Scenesters to the Lions
7. Untitled One
8. Untitled Two
9. Sweet Merciful Crap
10. Borderline Sarcasm
11. 77
12. 44

Imagine Daughters. Imagine their shortcomings. Imagine Daughters without their shortcomings. Now realize that is exactly what As The Sun Sets was. This album is only 14 minutes long but it is well worth it. Very technical and spazzy, yet again I voice my dissatisfaction with Sputnik not having Grindcore as a genre. This is fast. This is heavy. This has fun bits of ambient music. This is how a grind album should sound. It never gets boring. I really like this album if you couldn't tell and unlike many, I prefer it to their first album, Each Individual Voice is Dead In The Silence. Here though, is my main grievance. The length. Seriously, this is too short. It is an excellent ride but it is too short, especially considering the filler material which accounts for almost 5 minutes of the album. It's good filler so I don't mind, I just am upset that there isn't more music here that is what the band actually does.

Onto the actual music. This is good. The guitars are fast and technical jumping from one riff to another, most of them very fast and generally the kind of parts that people in grind bands want to be able to write. Everything is dissonant properly. THe drumming is quite nice, though not amazing. As far as grind goes, he gets the job done. This music is very much about the guitars. There are just so many cool parts that usually come across as very heavy. The music sounds full and that to me is very important. I don't like empty sounding bands. THatis partially thanks to the production which is very well done but also thanks to the writing which compliments itself well. The vocals sound great to me. A mid-highranged scream that is the right place in the mix. Loud enough to hear but never over the instruments. Lyrically, this album doesn't leave anythign to be desired because they don't even bother trying to be poetic. I prefer that vastly to a feeble attempt at emotion or poetry. Work with your strengths I say.

Now I have to recommend things and songs from this album. I instantly want to say listen to the whole thing, it's only 14 minutes long but that sounds really unprofessional. Instead for the full "As The Sun Sets is better than Daughters" experience, go for Untitled Two, Feed The Scenesters to the Lions and Borderline Sarcasm. This song doesn't lack good songs it just lacks songs in general. As I read once before about this album, if your songs are going to be less than a minute long, make sure there are a lot of them. I don't exactly agree with that for the sake that short songs need more songs because short osngs are less good but instead because these songs are awesome and I want more of them. -Dancin' Man

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