Saturday, November 12, 2011

IDYLLS - 2011 Amps for God/Plague Hell

Album : Amps for God/Plague Hell
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Chaotic | Hardcore | Mathcore | Experimental

Tracklist :
01. Tooth And Claw
02. Cultured Disrupt
03. Amps For God/Plague Hell

After spending the first two years of their existence trying to find their groove and assembling the right crew for the job it was in only early 2011 when the Idylls machine was set in motion. Although they may have been around for a few years, the band is only now starting to take off with the band heading into the studio to record their debut 7 inch containing three songs of a grinding, thrashing assault to listener ears.

There’s no easing into anything with this record. A snappy count in and were off and running with what seems to sound like a ring out. This soon leads into a quick drum roll then and its time for some brutal vocals. These guys aren’t your typical metal or hardcore band, they are full of more experimental aspects through both the way the songs are structured and the way it sounds by using more varied tones on the instruments. While there are many aspects from genres the way Idylls go about their music is different to almost all other bands trying their hand at this style of metal in Australia at the moment.

The sound Idylls have gone for on this recording is very raw. The Guitars are treble heavy yet sit well in the mix and cut through clearly amongst the ridiculously talented drum work spilling out from behind the kit. There are very little ‘standard’ type drum sections with these tracks with the focus being on accenting more of the off time riffs and playing around the guitars. This works amazingly and is probably the highlight of the record for me. Vocally, the aggressive nature of the approach taken has worked well with the overall feel of this record. They are not overly dominant but they fill out the mix and build intensity making for what is likely to result in a stream of kids charging the stage for a chance to grab a shot at stealing the mic for some a sing along and a cheeky stage dive.

For a band that is relatively new to the Australian scene, this band is clearly filled with extremely talented members and it shines though on this recording. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I received this record but after only a few listens I was already telling people to check the band out as this record was that good. If you only buy a few records this year from bands whose work you aren’t already familiar with, make sure this is one of those records!! -chuckingamosh


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