Thursday, November 17, 2011

Poison The Well - 2006 Demo Record

Band : Poison the Well
Album : Demo Record
Release Year : 2006
Genre : Post-Hardcore | Metalcore

Tracklist :
02.Number 2 vocal edit

Poison The Well recently saw the leak of some early demo recordings. The band began working their upcoming full length last spring, and the recording has been delayed by various circumstances.

The band had this to say:
So, I guess some of our old demos leaked out on the internet some how. Just to give a brief history on them, those where the first songs we had wrote when we started writing for the new record and where the first songs we wrote with Jason and Ben in the mix. Some of the songs where incomplete vocally and the very early stages of maturity. We did them about a year and 2 months ago at this place called the Steakhouse. The quality isn't the best, but you get the idea. Not all the songs are going to be used for the record, just some. So, if you happen to come across them, don't think that they are the final versions or songs that will make the cut.
With that in mind though, the band added: "I'm sure you can find them on Limewire or any type of file trading program. There are about 7 of them. ." The band is not expecting a new full length till the middle of 2006 at the earliest. Since the release of the their last record, You Come Before You in 2003, the band has seen the departure of guitarist Derek Miller and bassist Mike Gordill. They also spent this past summer on the Sounds of the Underground tour. Well, it leaked in 2006, and here's the file!!


Poison The Well - 2001 Unreleased Split 7 Inch

Band : Poison the Well
Album : Unreleased Split 7 Inch
Release Year : 2001
Genre : Post-Hardcore | Metalcore

Tracklist :
01 Sticks And Stones Never Made Sense (Early Version)
02 Today (Smashing Pumpkins)

If you've never heard this before, this was recorded in between The Opposite of December and Tear From The Red with the lineup being Jeff, Ryan, Derek, and Chris (Ryan played bass on the recording as well as guitar). The story behind these songs is they were recorded originally to released as a split with Twelve Tribes. That fell through which led the tracks to then be slated to be released as a split with Tallahassee straight edge band A New Kind Of American Saint. While this was happening, SA Mob Records and Jawk Records were co-releasing the record and had some problems as well. To make a long story short, this record never came out and to be honest, its a real shame. I STRONGLY prefer this version of "Sticks and Stones..." to the one on Tear From The Red (not saying I dont like that version, but I prefer the recording on this one). Also, the band recorded a cover of Smashing Pumpkins "Today". Again, these have been circulating for a while but its nice to have the band say "yes its okay for people to have this". Enjoy.

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