Monday, November 28, 2011

REVIVER - 2010 Potential Wasteland

Album : Potential Wasteland
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Emotive | Hardcore
Tracklist :
1. IX
2. Legacy
3. New Lows
4. Traditions
5. Undefined
6. Potential
7. Wasteland

Reviver is pretty awesome and not just because their name is a palindrome. Hailing from Salt Lake City, Reviver are another band riding off the Defeater wave and etch near turgid hardcore execution with subtle hints of emo characteristics. Much like Touche Amore demonstrated last year with their swift execution and no holds barred approach, Reviver too show they can be ominous within the confines of spastic melodic hardcore. Much of this debut EP is spent building an idea and perfecting the implementation.

Potential Wasteland is a rugged circle with a smooth center. Beginning with the intro track the band rely on their raw production to tailor the foreground of their sound. This comes as no surprise as the title to the effort is a dismal portrayal of life. A clear concept that revolves around the bands sound and inhibits the lyrics. Hearing the emotion drain from “Traditions” is a hark to the effort put forth; lead vocalist Matt pour out lines of “We’re destroyers of our own fate / We’ve all gone mad / And we’re taking the world with us / We’re the masters of our own fate” which really dries the paint on the picture Reviver are painting.

Aiding to the subversive lyrical content comes strong musicianship that hears itself switching the mood on the drop of a dime. Best noted on “Potential” comes heavy handed palm muted riffs that accentuate the melodic bridge of militant “rahhhh’s” perfectly. There’s pure quality shown in the unpolished instruments (packed mostly in both guitars) yet sacrificing no intensity and matching the emotion of their leader. “Undefined” does a nice job of situating a pre-storm mood before the rage, and the dissonance incorporated facilitates exemplary layers upon layers of aggression.

As with most EP’s Potential Wasteland is flawed by its length. While it reaches its desired platform with the closing tracks “Potential” and “Wasteland” (tricky, eh?) it hinders the bands capabilities. But if this release serves any purpose it’s that Reviver know how build the tension as well as expectation. Their next release should see them reach a level of a young More Than Life or Touche Amore. -fromtheinside

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