Thursday, November 10, 2011

Serious Beak - 2011 Huxwhukw

Band : Serious Beak
Album : Huxwhukw
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Mathcore | Progressive | Psychedelic | Experimental

Tracklist :
4.Gödel !Xun   
5.Tuī / Tuō 
10.Taheu Nadryvy, Taheu!
The instrumental, Sydney-based quartet Serious Beak represent an eccentric amalgamation of mind-melting, toe-tapping, psychedelic, progressive and poly-rhythmic discordant music. Their style is marked by compulsion; by weaving, complex compositions and mind-bending opposing rhythms, which speak as much to the attention-deficient as much as progressive and math music aficionados.

Serious Beak’s self-released debut album “Huxwkwux” draws from a varied palate of musical influences, including Meshuggah, Secret Chiefs 3, Danny Gatton, King Crimson, Botch, The Refused, Mastodon, The Mars Volta, Horacio Hernandez, Cephalic Carnage and Allan Holdsworth.

Members of Serious Beak have been playing in the Sydney music scene in a diverse array of bands for over a decade. Previous and current projects include Squat Club, Adrift for Days, Slimey Things, Battle Pope, Squid, Ebolie, the Mabobs, Push Air and the Puffy Jackets, Dyke Destroyer and many more.

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