Thursday, November 10, 2011

Welcome To Limerick - 2011 If We're Just Parts Of The Whole Then The Ground Will Be My Home

Band : Welcome To Limerick
Album : If We're Just Parts Of The Whole Then The Ground Will Be My Home
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Mathrock | Indie | Post-Haedcore

Tracklist :
1.Have You Ever Seen A Ghost? Yeah Me Either.   
2.I Ducked Behind The Drapes, When I Saw The Moon Begin To Rise   
3.Well The City Looks Different Now With You Gone   
4.I Hid Beneath The Sheets,Because I Saw A Monster Outside   
5.Dear Body You Can Feel Better Now, I Wouldn't Mind   
6.The Closure In Her Tears, Only Masked Her Pride   
7.Tying Up The Loose Ends...

Welcome to Limerick (WTL) is a high energy progressive, math rock, indie band with a stage presence that will not soon be forgotten. WTL became a band in 2009 playing together with the mission to re-invent music by blurring the genre and writing songs inspired by life. With lyrics that capture your attention, edgy guitars, and aggessive fast techincal drumming; WTL will blow your mind. A Genre-less, Category-less band, Welcome to Limerick's sound can be described as aggressive and rough with lots of dynamic contrast and odd meter time signatures.  Just go check this one out!!!

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