Sunday, December 11, 2011

Innards + The Reptilian - 2011 Split

Band : Innards + The Reptilian
Album : Split
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Screamo | Emo | Indie | Mathrock

Tracklist :
 1.Innards - Goro  
2.Innards - No Money, More Problems  
3.The Reptilian - Gold Blooded  
4.The Reptilian - Old Blood

Here we find Innards completing their world domination via 7" splits campaign with arguably the coolest of the bunch.  It should be no surprise that I love the shit out of The Reptilian, so when I heard that this split was taking place, I got really excited.  Rightfully so, I found, as soon as I heard the meltdown at 1:23 into Innards' "Goro."  "How do I explain myself," Leo grates over the sludgiest line in the Innards catalog.  Then they keep going.  For anyone that got kind of bored with Innards two minute songs that race past you, here are two keepers.  Aforementioned "Goro" clocks in at 4:14 and features some very cool (read: more focused) guitar work that results in a near Fugazi-esque line for a couple seconds and "No Money, More Problems" sounds like someone flailing in cold water, trying not to drown.  The Reptilian just continue evolving.  Totally frank lines from the Jowls' split like "Your swag is none of my concern" find their brothers and sisters here among such passages as "How does shitting on your friend's name make up for your lack of shame?" from "Gold Blooded."  Ever since they became a three piece, the bass became just as prominent as Russ' guitar work, and it sounds FANTASTIC here.  If you like the fuzzy, chorded bass sound, then you've just found two of your favorite songs.  Please support Carucage records on their venture into putting out some of the best music around.  Rumor has it they're going to be getting Carucage watches soon.  How cool, right? -CtD

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