Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Dillinger Escape Plan - 2002 Irony Is A Dead Scene [With Mike Patton] + The Making of...

Band : The Dillinger Escape Plan
Album : Irony Is A Dead Scene [With Mike Patton] + The Making of...
Release Year : 2002
Genre : Mathcore | Experimental

Tracklist :
1. Hollywood Squares
2. Pig Latin
3. When Good Dogs Do Bad Things
4. Come To Daddy

The Dillinger Escape Plan is a band who have changed the face of music with their chaotic form of "math metal", fused with exotic time signature changes, bizzare rhythms, and generally blistering songs. Vocalist Mike Patton (Faith No More, Fantomas, Mr. Bungle), as many members of his fan base would tell you, has been called a musical genius, who has delved into different genres of music, mashed them together in often unpredictable manners, expiremented wildly, acheived success, and still maintained his place in the music world. This album is what happens when two undeniably original and chaotic musical forces meet together, and it is an insane experience.

Irony Is A Dead Scene is a four-song EP. Many Dillinger fans saw this as a "sell-out" album, which really shows how off-the-beaten-path DEP was to begin with. The truth is that no song on this album is anywhere close to mainstream, and most are far from easily accessible. This is a band that takes a while to get used to, and many listens to sort the general madness out in any discernible fashion. The reason many fans claimed this to be mainstream is because at times, it does have 4/4 time signatures, and it does have melodic interludes. Despite all the toning down DEP faced after teaming up with Patton, this is still a chaotic experience.

The only big problem with this EP is its length, but it is an EP, so it's expected to be short. Still, it leaves you wanting more insanity once you've settled into the organized chaos.

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