Friday, December 2, 2011

The Pirate Ship Quintet - 2007 The Pirate Ship Quintet

Band : The Pirate Ship Quintet
Album : The Pirate Ship Quintet
Release Year : 2007
Genre : Post-Rock | Instrumental | Experimental

Tracklist :
01. Lost Science
02. I Kina Spiser Der Hund
03. Pirate Ship

"We are The Pirate Ship Quintet, based in Bristol, SouthWestEngland. We are five core members but have worked with numerous other musicians since our beginnings. Our Debut EP was released on Sound Devastation in 2007. Since then we have written and rough-recorded a large number of songs which, for various reasons, we have never released. We have made a lot of unfulfilled promises about live appearances and releasing a new record. Towards the end of 2009 we began working on new pieces with the intention of putting those things right. Tick tock…"

The Pirate Ship Quintet is a post-rock septet, originally from Bournemouth and Bristol. Their cellist is a full time member of one of Britain’s most commended symphony orchestras as well as being a stand in for the famous London Symphony Orchestra. The hugely praised debut, self-titled EP, mastered by Cult of Luna’s Magnus Lindberg, was released in April 2007.

The band is currently working on their follow up record which is likely to be a full length album. After a year of living apart in various English cities, the boys have left their previous jobs and regrouped in Bristol. The writing and rough recording is taking place in an old chapel overlooking the Severn Bridge. Rumored appearances on the record include Pete Simonelli of Enablers and Duncan Attwood of blueneck.

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