Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Matador - 2009 Bad Day For a Snake

Band : The Matador
Album : Bad Day For a Snake
Release Year :2009
Genre : Progressive | Mathcore | Southern Rock | Experimental

Tracklist :
 1.Booger Beer  
2.2 Chicks 2 Cups  
3.You Bought the Ticket Now Take the Ride
4.Kessler Sponsored my Divorce  

The Matador is a southern hardcore influenced band from Omaha, NE formed back in 2007. The band released a 4-song demo in the Spring of 2008, and a 5-song CD EP 'Bad Day For a Snake' on Imagine It Records June 6, 2009.
The Matador is the hardest working Southern influenced metal extravaganza on the face of the planet.... Better yet, the universe. Fueled by an appreciation for loud noises that make apes slam into each other, The Matador has been staring down the bull since day one, so to speak. Men fear them for what they are capable of doing. Women swoon to them for what they are guilty of saying. Children love The Matador. So do dogs. It has been scientifically proven that listening to The Matador has been known to make you taller, smarter and in some cases more attractive to the opposite sex. Unless you are asexual. in which case you are weird and The Matador wants nothing to do with you. The rules still apply to The Matador. Except gravity. The Matador floats 32 centimeters above the ground. Most people don't notice.
For fans of Botch and (old) Norma Jean. Enjoy!!!

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