Friday, December 2, 2011

The Judas Iscariot - 2011 The Lost Prophets

Band : The Judas Iscariot
Album : The Lost Prophets
Release Year :2011
Genre :Hardcore | Screamo | Jazzcore | Experimental

Tracklist :
1.Diners Will Never Be The Same   
2.The Hackneyed Pie Theory3.Burn Barbie Burn   
4.The Covert Politics Song   
5.Fucked for Solving Puzzles   
6.I, Rabble Rouser   
7.Obsolescence Killed Marx   
8.Maturation Mood Flux   
9.Catching Up With London

hardcore band from New York from the 1990’s “The Judas Iscariot” that released several records between 1995 and 1997. different from the black metal band

"The Lost Prophets" was the major recording project between the 'Harrison Bergeron Bound?' 7" and the split LP with Seein' Red . It is the "lost" Judas Iscariot record. For reasons too numerous to name & also lost in history....this never came out. We are putting this out before the other stuff because after 14 years of it being buried in the closet, it just couldn't wait another second. Thanks to Small Craft Advisory out of Rhode Island - wherever you may now be - which was the label who had originally intended to put this out. Thanks also to Reservoir Records who offered to put this out - even after we broke up. And - last but not least - Myles Karr for the AMAZING artwork - done within the last year specifically for this release.

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