Friday, December 2, 2011

No Omega - 2011 No Omega 7"

Band : No Omega
Album : No Omega 7"
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Dark | Hardcore | Post-Metal

Tracklist :
01 ravens fair
02 constants
03 the design
04 ett hjärta svart

"We are all vegans and vegetarians and we support these dietary choices because we, humyns, are "all-eaters" thereby can survive on a vegetarian diet. We do not need murder and the slaugther of so many lives and animals. To quote xAnchorx; "how can anyone choose death before life?".
There is also the industrial aspect to it. In western society we have reached a level and a stage where - we believe - that industries must be set up to provide enough goods and food for people. And when it becomes an industry, it becomes so much more. The suffering of millions of lives as well as the environmental side to it. Just to get meat on our plates when we so easily can live without it!"

With influences ranging from Oceana to Dead Swans, you immediately notice that No Omega does something truly special. While playing a melodic form of hardcore, they also embrace the post-metal gloominess. NO OMEGA is dark, emotional and intense hardcore.

DIY outfit No Omega has made quite a name for themselves: countless gigs, four European tours, recording of an EP, getting signed, supporting bands like Parkway Drive, Comeback Kid, The Carrier, Anchor and Shai Hulud.

No Omega started out in January 2010. Recorded a demo in May the same year. Their debut 7-inch EP being released on WORLD vs COMETH and Monument Records in January 2011, and in October they're entering the studio to record what looks to be their debut full-length.

NO OMEGA promotes vegetarianism and veganism, and incorporates political ideas and civilization criticism into lyrics as well as spreading ideas in a very open and relaxed way.

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