Monday, January 16, 2012

Gills - 2011 GILLS IS DEAD

Band : Gills
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Noise | Mathrock | Instrumental
Tracklist :
1.Tom's Song   
2.Chocolate Milk Champions 20XX!!!   
3.Troglodyte Euphoria   
4.Noam Chomsky is a Pretty Cool Guy   
5.Crust/No Crust   
6.High School for the Histrionic

Gills, a noisy math rock band, consists of Bernard Casserly, Tom Maher, and Jeremy Ross Smith. They released a six-song EP, entitled Gills is Dead, on anthillconglomerate, December 5, 2011. They do not have lyrics and vocals written for these songs; they hope that by sharing their music through the creative commons licenses that you can participate in exploring the strength of instrumentality to influence lyric writing and vocal style.

"This is a band that makes what I'd call instrumental math rock or post-hardcore. It is most certainly best heard loudly, for the quality of recording doesn't do any favors for mellow listening. Can get awfully close to instrumental metal with the guitar parts, not that there's anything wrong in that. These guys know how to make exciting and intense rock, perhaps just needing definition." - spacerockmountain


Well, here's another update from the band!! If you really like their music and want a physical copy, they have a tape for $3.00, they are available at the anthillconglomerate bigcartel (
Also they will be releasing a split with San Jose space-rock noise makers Breathing Patterns later in the spring, and i hope the band will drop the split here too hahah :D.

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