Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sear Bliss - 2012 Eternal Recurrence

Band : Sear Bliss
Album : Eternal Recurrence
Release Year : 2012
Genre : Atmospheric | Symphonic | Black Metal
Tracklist :
01- The Eternal Quest
02- Ballad Of The Shipwrecked
03- Great Cosmic Disorder
04- A Lost Cause
05- The New Era Of Darkness
06- There Is No Shadow Without Light
07- Entering The Seventh Gate

Sear Bliss is a Melodic Black Metal band formed by András Nagy in the autumn of 1993, in Hungary. They are described as a Melodic structures a touch of Atmospheric-based monotones and Carpathian-influenced sound. What separates them between the traditional Hungarian bands is; they strive for a Melodic sound and less appeal to Rawness. The band tries to create an outright original music based on dark elements combined with deep visions presented with sheer brutality - and all enveloped in the softening sound of a trombone, barytone and trumpet and a synthesizer. Lyrically it is a ride in the afterworld and to places where the human body can not enter only the most seeking soul and persistent spirit.

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