Monday, April 16, 2012

Vowel - 2012 all the sad songs

Band : Vowel
Album : all the sad songs
Release Year : 2012
Genre : Emo | Screamo | Post-Rock
Tracklist :
3.poppy seed
4.the eastern block
5.everyone needs to feel pretty sometimes (interlude)
6.if wishes were coins
7.she was an air traffic controller
8.there's nothing for you here

Vowel is five piece screamo band from columbus, mixing chaos and beauty. They add a violin to their music, and i really love it!! It's reminds me a little bit of I Would Set Myself on Fire For You with their male and female vocals and the violin sounds. Alex from Miss the Stars already put their 2 songs earlier, and i've been watching them since then. And this album is so fucking awesome, and it would be one of my favorite records of this year!!! For you who enjoying epic screamo and post-rock, you should give them a listen, Highly recommended!! Enjoy!!!

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