Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ancre - 2011 Nacre

Band : Ancre
Album : Nacre
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Post-Rock | Mathrock

Tracklist :
1. narval
2. monotype requin
3. octopus
4. trois mats

Ancre is a emo-rock trio from France, formed in Summer 2010 by Arnaud (guitar, Sed Non Satiata), Benoit (drums, Daïtro, Mihaï Edrisch, Bâton Rouge), Simon (bass, Plebeian Grandstand, Montreal On Fire). They started almost 2 years ago after the hiatus of both Sed Non Satiata and Daitro... They just played few shows for the moment but this is their debut release. 4 instrumental math-post-rock songs for this first effort recorded this summer in Toulouse and mixed by Santi Garcia in Spain... somewhere between Maserati and Sed Non Satiata with the unique drumming of Benoit and great bass lines of Simon (Plebeian Grandstand, Montreal On Fire). Enjoy!!!

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