Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cathedraal - 2012 Voix Blanches

Band : Cathedraal
Album : Voix Blanches
Release Year : 2012
Genre : Hardcore | Screamo | Black Metal | Experimental

Tracklist :
 01. Sasha
02. Quelque Part à L'est : Babi Yar
03. En Crimée
04. Je Ne T'ai Pas Défendu
05. Laisser Aller
06. Dieu Ne Croit Plus En Nous
07. Rouler Les Peaux Mortes
08. Des Noms Sur Des Valises
09. Je L'aimais Encore
10. Les Arbres En Témoignent

Well this one is so fucking awesome!!! Cathedraal is from Paris and they playing a kind of hardcore/screamo/black metal sound!! They are are ex-Madame de Montespan, they sing in french, and they add a piano and violin to their music, and its sound perfect!!! For fans of Caleste, Hexis, or may be Daitro, just check them now!!! Highly Recommended!! Enjoy!!!

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