Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Seila Chiara - 2012 Rive

Band : Seila Chiara
Album : Rive
Release Year : 2012
Genre : Indie | Emo | Post-Rock

Tracklist :
 01. Smitten Kitten
02. Fatuity Fair
03. The Mutiny of All Your Gestures
04. Gaea
05. White Elephants
06. Katie, Bar the Door
07. Fine

New release from one of my favorite groups - French Seila Chiara, which has existed since 2007 and has already released two albums, recorded a split with Orfèvre and lighted on two compilations of his record label's Tokyo Jupiter Compilation. in the group are five people, with three of them - the guitarists that in itself is unusual for this kind of music. but in general the guys play a very emotional music with extraordinary beauty texts. probably more than I can not write due to the small amounts of information about the group. this EP could have ordered in August 2011, but now she appeared on the Internet. on the official site you can download the old records, by the way.

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