Thursday, March 22, 2012

Vie Perdu - 2006 Utopia

Band : Vie Perdu
Album : ...Utopia?
Release Year : 2006
Genre : Post-Hardcore | Progressive | Experimental

Tracklist :
 1.Jezebel the Infidel
4.See You When I See You (Cowboy)
5.I'm A Faust
6.Clever Trap Design
7.This Letter Will Self Destruct
9.See You When I See You (Cowboy) (Acoustic)

France has absolutely nothing to do with any of this. The name Vie Perdu is however, French for “lost life.” Upon entering into any new relationship, you have to sort of die, and begin a new life as a member of said relationship. In the winter of 2004, five young men died, and were reborn as the rock and roll powerhouse we are here discussing. Vie Perdu hails from New Jersey, and although some of them are Italian, nobody is in the mob, and none of them has ever given anyone cement shoes. Vie Perdu as a collective unit will however cement your feet and jaw securely to the floor and proceed to rock you the hell out. Vocals so catchy you’ll be humming them for years to come, intricate and creative guitar work, and the best looking rhythm section on the East Coast are all things that you can add to the mounting pile of reasons why Vie Perdu will be a force to reckon with. With their Evil Water Records debut scheduled to drop on July 18th, and the willingness to play any show thrown at them, it is only a matter of time before you fall in love with this band.

Having cut their teeth in a variety of earlier projects, the members of Vie Perdu were simply unhappy with their musical histories, and the way the current music scene was developing. They came together with the intentions of doing something that is not only special and innovative, but also relatable. With collective influences that range anywhere from more experimental bands like At The Drive-In, to the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson, as well as more personal influences that include a variety of Hardcore, Punk, Indie. Jazz, and just about every other genre of music you can think of, it is a safe assumption to make that these guys are eclectic, an assumption that singer Josh Moran explains as being completely valid, “We really don’t exclude anything as a possible influence, whether it’s music, or just a life event, we draw from everything around us, we’re like sponges.”

“We’ve really tried to amalgamate a solid combination of intricate musicianship, and straight up catchiness. I mean, we love all different types of music, but I can understand that certain bands never get the attention they deserve because they just are not listenable to most people. We really wanted to blend together all of our way-out-there influences with our more easily accessible influences to create something that not only we love, but that anyone can get into on some level” explains guitarist Mike Saunders. With that said, if you are alive, and have ears, Vie Perdu is certain to grab your attention. So sit back, get yourself a cold beverage, and enjoy the sweet sounds of incredible rock and roll music.
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