Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jowls - 2012 Cursed

Band : Jowls
Album : Cursed
Release Year : 2012
Genre : Post-Hardcore
Tracklist :
1. Ruins
02. Shamewalker
03. Monotoned
04. Sway Slow
05. Indian Giver
06. Long-Winded

Jowls is a three piece band from Grand Rapids, Michigan featuring former members of Victor! Fix The Sun. The band initially began as a two piece and recently added the former bassist of Cloud Mouth to their roster. I liked what the band did with their split 7" with The Reptilian as well as their Cunt Punch EP and was looking forward to their new 10". Cursed totally exceeded my expectations and features five new songs of beefed up post-hardcore influenced screamo. The addition of their new bassist totally takes the band's sound to a completely different level. Seriously, Cursed is the band's best material to date. The songs are heavier, angular and discordant as hell. This is the way post-hardcore influenced screamo should be played! Great stuff! -chris

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