Thursday, May 3, 2012

A City Sorrow Built - 2012 Songs

Band : A City Sorrow Built
Album : Songs
Release Year : 2012
Genre : Screamo | Post-Rock
Tracklist :
1. Song#1
2. Song#2
3. Song#3
4. Song#4
In 2007 there were three friends who formed an alternative rock band of sorts. Due to various reasons a member left for Australia in the May of 2011 all whilst their tastes, interests, and pursuits in music changed. In the December of the same year the kid returned for a break from university life of sorts. He quickly teamed up with one of his old bandmates and another childhood friend to start a Screamo band of sorts after being exposed to the genre through several years of trawling stupid pretentious internet forums, communities, blogs, and such. In the matter of two months they had, they wrote and recorded an EP entitled Songs. The songs themselves were about identity crises, senses of belonging, and deep loss that these kids felt they needed to express and so they named themselves after a lyric found in The National’s song Sorrow which they felt reflected the music and the lyrics perfectly;

Sorrow's my body on the waves, Sorrow's a girl inside my cake, I live in a city sorrow built, It's in my honey, it's in my milk”.

A City Sorrow Built are Emil Raji, Agus Mariana, and Adi Suryawan. 
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