Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Sharktopus - 2006 Insurance Is For Cowards

Band : The Sharktopus
Album : Insurance Is For Cowards
Release Year : 2006
Genre : Post-Hardcore | Experimental
Tracklist :
01 Keep The Change
02 Snakes On A Mutha Fucking Plane
 03 Chestpoke To The Heart
04 Strange Things Afoot At Circle K
05 Two Week Bender

The Sharktopus was a Post-Hardcore band from Missoula, MT. The band started out as more of a joke, mocking hardcore music. Over time they gained fans, and eventually wrote Paul Dolphin The Moneymaker. This song was the basis for their new material, some of which can be heard on their self titled EP.
The band started as a six piece, with Peteski drumming and Justin on synth/backing vocals. Justin ended up leaving the band (rumors of rehab) and Pete was later replaced by Checkers Barker II. Upon Checkers entering the band, the musical direction changed, as he provided a wider vocal variety. For a brief period, Adam (Bassist) left the band. Brandon (The Verity) stood in on bass while the Sharktopus toured. However, Adam played the last handful of shows in his rightful place.

The Sharktopus recently broke up.
The former members of The Sharktopus now pass their days at home on the six-thousand acre ranch in Western Montana, with their prized Bull-Mastiff dogs, which they breed specifically for national dog championships.

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