Saturday, March 12, 2011

Aislin - 2007 There's No I In Dreams

Band : Aislin
Album : There's No I In Dreams
Release Year : 2007
Genre : Screamo / Experimental

Tracklist : 
1. Creer: To Believe
2. You Are Fire, I Was Ice
3. The Night After Two Sleeps
4. Show 7 feel 10
5. Hope Behind Cellar Door
6. A Desert Place
7. Countless Dreams
8. ACB

I found a lot of albums on my old drive yesterday, and all of it will be posted here haha. Well. talk about Aislin, i really love this one from the first time i heard it about 4 years ago. This album is full of emotion, slow beat, it makes me enjoy this album so much. The last track from this album "ACB" will bring you to sleep after they makes your ears bleed with the scream. Overall this album is good, just give it a try!!!

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