Friday, May 25, 2012

The Mock Heroic - 2007 Dignified Exits

Band : The Mock Heroic
Album : Dignified Exits
Release Year : 2007
Genre : Chaotic | Screamo | Experimental
Tracklist :
1. Own Eyes
2. Despair Epidemic
3. Led Astray
4. Draize Test
5. The Architect
6. Fairweather
7. On The Study Of The Living Dead
8. Unclouded
9. Mandelbrot As Cartographer
10. An Open Wound
11. Lost Cause

The Mock Heroic infuse their trad-screamo compositions with plenty of little flourishes on Dignified Exits that, while overall misses far short of the marks set by the genre's leaders, still results in an enjoyable and interesting release.
Dignified Exits carries lots of familiar traits: some jazzy chords, frantic/multiple yells seemingly coming from the back of the room and cool time changes and occasional quiet parts, sometimes reminding one of European forebears Raein or CT reps Jeromes Dream (though not as beautiful and octave-dependent as the former and less vocally harsh than the latter). There's a thumping bass line in "Led Astray," a rare sense of continual restraint in "Draize Test," and cool, frenetic licks in "An Open Wound." It's all very smooth yet simultaneously erratic, and it's certainly not mind-blowing, but the band's creativity and composure is obvious. The songs are also full of substance, with writings about mental/physical abuse, animal lib. and personal crises.

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