Friday, May 25, 2012

Pariso - 2012 Nothing Beyond Everything After

Band : Pariso
Album : Nothing Beyond Everything After
Release Year : 2012
Genre : Chaotic Hardcore
Tracklist :
01. Open Waters
02. Defense Wounds
03. Body Language
04. Scocciatura
05. Native Wolves
06. Leeches
07. The Huntsman
08. Lonely Battle
09. Nothing Beyond Everything After
10. Unmitigated Sky
11. Omerta
12. Officeress

Pariso deliver their definitive manifesto to date, Nothing Beyond Everything After. Having forged an infamous history of split 5"s, credit card shaped CDs and floppy discs, Pariso have now delivered a 12 song, 30 minute record that truly delivers upon the bursts of promise their past has always threatened.

'Nothing Beyond Everything After' is a focussed blast that shows nods to everyone from Slayer to Mastodon to power-violence, black metal and much more - all the while sticking to the framework of fast, concise, ultra-heavy dissonant hardcore. Recorded by Jamie Frye and mastered by Lewis Johns, this is an album designed to be played on vinyl and engaged with accordingly.

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