Saturday, June 16, 2012

Last Chance For You - 2011 Еще Одна Правда

Band : Last Chance For You
Album :  Еще Одна Правда
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Post-Hardcore | Experimental
Tracklist :
01. Мы помним
02. Игрок
03. Тишина
04. Фонограмма
05. Вопреки
06. Попытка верить
07. Не закрывай рот тем, кто открывает тебе глаза
08. Миллионы светил

Last Chance For You was established in early 2008. Initially the band consisted of 4 members and tried to play something like the emo-punk in the spirit of the group Dreams Come True. A few months later of a second guitarist was beefed up and the guys started to actively speak at Rostov scene. At this time the music is undergoing a major change from the emo-punk was gone, there was the influence of a new wave of American post-hardcore. In the summer of 2009 in the Roman Klimenko (vocals), John Archer (guitar), Artem Doroshenko (guitar), Levon Soghomonyan (bass), Sergey Korenchenko (drums) under the leadership of Mikhail Zimin was recorded 5-song EP, "Do not Shut That Mouth Who opens your eyes. " He was released on their own edition of 150 copies and quickly sold out among fans of rock music in Rostov. In the spring of 2010 Artem Doroshenko goes to a group of Amber And Ashes and Last Chance For You to temporarily use the services of guitarist I'm So Maniac Dennis and former guitarist Retina Maxim. In the summer the band performs at the annual festival of South Coast Evolution Fest and doukomlektovyvaet of permanent guitarist and drummer Mark Matveev Renat Kurmakaevym. On April 2011 Last Chance For You release the debut album "Another Truth", in which the record was also attended by Student (Argument 5.45) and Evan (Rollercoaster).
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