Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Crane - 2011 Curious Robots And Nauseous Ears

Band : Crane
Album : Curious Robots And Nauseous Ears
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Mathrock | Progressive | Instrumental

Tracklist :
01 Tuck Your Calves In
02 Bottle of Olive Oil
03 Leukocyte
04 Animalarium
05 I Jump on This
06 Turret
07 Robot's Your Dad's Brother
08 Bleed Blue Blood
09 Robert's Your Dad's Brother - Mr. Seuss Remix

Take one spoonful of prog, a dash of alt and an equally monosyllabic Curt, and what have you got? A pretentious start to a biography (Crane). Rearing from South Cumbria, Crane blend genres that have been perfected by the bearded and the non-bearded for generations; a sort of King Crimson 90's dance band. Since forming in 2009, Crane have toured England in support of their widely received Turret EP and have been intravenously teasing crowds with tracks from the their forthcoming album “Curious Robots And Nauseous Ears” sincely, with sights on festival slots this year. With each member taking influence from different adolescent musical paths, the combined sound is that of a 9/4 Coolio or Biffy covering The Roots. Crane have an ever increasing popularity, primarily down to their passion to create new sounds, drawing from a vast expanse of generally unacquainted music, yet it's accessibility promises anyone with a working ear drum an audial workout...

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