Monday, August 27, 2012

Cavalcades - 2012 Coping

Band : Cavalcades
Album : Coping
Release Year : 2012
Genre : Screamo

Tracklist :
1. Frayed
2. Backboards
3. Sleep Debt
4. Counting Breaths
5. Swallow Water

Cavalcades, from Aberdeen, Scotland, formed at the end of 2010, but have already achieved a lot. After a string of sold out splits and self-released EPs, they toured the UK for the first time in February 2012, and went on a huge 19 date summer tour throughout the whole of Europe with Canada’s Todos Caeran. 
Genre-wise, Cavalcades can be placed somewhere between European Screamo and Melodic Hardcore; heavily influenced by the likes of Raein, Suis La Lune and Daitro.Coping is a 16minute long 5-track EP/Mini Album. Mastered at The Atomic Gardens by Jack Shirley (comadre).

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