Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gaza - 2012 No Absolutes In Human Suffering

Band : Gaza
Album : No Absolutes In Human Suffering
Release Year : 2012
Genre : Chaotic | Hardcore | Mathcore

Tracklist :
1. Mostly Hair and Bones Now
2. This We Celebrate
3. The Truth Weighs Nothing
4. Not With All the Hope in the World
5. The Vipers
6. No Absolutes in Human Suffering
7. The Crown
8. When They Beg
9. Winter in Her Blood
10. Skull Trophy
11. Routine and Then Death

Gaza is an experimental metal band from Salt Lake City, Utah that incorporates elements of grindcore, mathcore, and sludge into their music. Formed in 2004, they are currently signed to Black Market Activities and have released one EP and three full-length albums. They are known for their complex and heavy sound, as well as their outspoken anti-religious and political views.
At some moments, Gaza are nearly as overwhelming in their rage and misanthropy as Khanate or Today Is The Day, with all instruments (voice included) howling out in mad agony at the world around them.

Of course, all artists respond to their environment, but this band is one of the lucky few that can express the abyss of human emotion through channels that an audience can respect for its eloquent musicality as much as its raw energy. Rather than relying solely on the traditional array of ‘heavy’ techniques—blastbeats, breakdowns, pinch harmonics, extreme dissonance, etc.—Gaza draw deeply from wells across the entire metal community and resourcefully come up with some tricks of their own.
Gaza shares members with Bird Eater.

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