Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Loma Prieta - 2009 Discography 05-09

Band : Loma Prieta
Album : Discography 05-09
Release Year : 2009
Genre : Chaotic | Screamo

Tracklist :
01 Tenatively Titled 666
02 6666
03 Worn Path
04 Careful Subliminal
05 Trilogy I
06 Trilogy II
07 Trilogy III
08 Bridges
09 Armor
10 Script
11 David Fung
12 Last City
13 We'Re Wedded Wrong All Along
14 Wilmer Valderrama
15 The Needle In The Haystack (Unreleased Version)
16 With A Moment Of Silence All Was Lost
17 Welcome To Spring Break 1989
18 The Needle In The Haystack
19 It All Went Down Like An Episode Of Law And Order
20 Scream Triathlon
21 Running Over A Community Service Worker (Get Get Go Cover)
22 I Have A Fear Of Young Asian Boys
23 Scream Triathlon
24 Welcome To Spring Break 1989
25 I Have A Fear Of Young Asian Boys

Loma Prieta is a San Francisco screamo band, featuring members of Archeopteryx, Punch, Sailboats and us, haunted bodies. Loma Prieta play great spazzy, chaotic, and at times melodic music similar to bands such as Orchid, Off-Minor, and Ampere. Flourishes of melody show up from time to time, giving me vibes of bands such as Funeral Diner and City of Caterpillar. Here is all of their earlier recorded output.

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