Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Solomon Solomon - 2012 Lent- or- ink on

Band : Solomon Solomon
Album : Lent- or- ink on
Release Year : 2012
Genre : Screamo | Post-Rock

Tracklist :
1. A being creates itself
2. Through the gaze of looking in
3. The nerve of the nerve of the nerve
4. Nereid demonstrates
5. Philia
6. To do term in a constant mentality

Solomon Solomon was a screamo/post-rock from Virginia that lasted from 2009 till 2012. The band features members of Perfect Future, Age Sixteen, Studying, and probably a million other bands. Sadly this is their only release, besides a few demo tracks. They’ve been working on perfecting this one album over the entire lifetime of their band, so the amount of effort put into it means you’re in for some pretty passionate stuff. The style of screamo they play is very fast and dark, but also has plenty of moments of Explosions in the Sky style twinkling post-rock and even some Age Sixteen like moment. Their style is best compared to Funeral Diner and City of Caterpillar, but the thing that shine with them is the use of the dynamics. The flow of them is so much more great than even Funeral Diner. Each calm is as beautiful as the last, and with each intense explosion of distortion, blast beats, and screaming, you feel the power and aggression. If more screamo was like this, rather than the string of “twinkle daddy screamo” or the simple octave chord non-sense, then I feel the scene would be a lot more thriving and be looked at as being more mature. Great band, that had to go too quickly. -swimminglikeminnows

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