Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bad Religion - 2010 The Dissent Of Man (Deluxe Edition)

Band : Bad Religion
Album : The Dissent Of Man (Deluxe Edition)
Release Year : 2010
Genre : Punk Rock

1. The Day That the Earth Stalled
2. Only Rain
3. The Resist Stance
4. Won’t Somebody
5. The Devil in Stitches
6. Pride and the Pallor
7. Wrong Way Kids
8. Meeting of the Minds
9. Someone to Believe
10. Avalon
11. Cyanide
12. Turn Your Back On Me
13. Ad Hominem
14. Where The Fun Is
15. I Won’t Say Anything
16. Finite
17. Best For You (Live)
18. Pessimistic Lines (Live)
19. How Much Is Enough (Live)
20. Generator (Live) 

Bad Religion are one of the all-time great punk bands. They were one of the premiere melodic hardcore bands, blending hooks and smooth vocals with hardcore music. After 31 years, the band is still touring and releasing new albums. They’ve always been a politically charged band behind the “ooohs and aaaahs”, and their new album is no different. Despite only having one album certified gold (1994′s Stranger Than Fiction), they’ve always maintained a sizable cult following.
Unlike most veteran acts, Bad Religion still crank out a new album every 2-3 years. The band also champions the DIY ethic, releasing their albums on guitarist Brett Gurewitz’s label, Epitaph. They also have been known to produce their own albums, although they have had their last few produced by Joe Barresi. So yes, the band still releases new material, but is it good? The short answer is “yes”.
All in all this is a good album, but it’s not a masterpiece. However, Bad Religion have proven that a band can still sound fresh after making music for over three decades. I think this album will satisfy fans of the band, and fans of the punk genre. It’s a good album, and none of the tracks are explicitly bad, some are just weaker than others. If you’ve never heard of Bad Religion and are thinking of checking them out, I wouldn’t start here. I don’t think this is the band’s strongest effort to serve as an introduction, but if you like even a few songs by them, check out this album.


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