Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Suis La Lune - 2006 Quiet, Pull the Strings!

Band : Suis La Lune
Album : Quiet, Pull the Strings!
Release Year : 2006
Genre : Screamo / Emo

Tracklist :
1. Desperate times..
2. Utter Silence is fragile
3. This heart easily tears
4. Eris flies tonight
5. Quiet, pull the strings!
6. Fingers. Voice. Heart. Shake. Shake. Shake
7. The Light matters always matters
8. ..Calls for beautiful acts
9. A letter - a void
10. My mind is a birdcage

As specified in the other review for this band, Suis La Lune is undeniably different from their peers in the euro-screamo scene. The album is characterized by their unique "feel-good" aesthetic, an atmosphere relatively unheard of in a genre that celebrates in downtrodden, self-aware anger and pity. Suis La Lune seem to be right at home among their peers, yet they simultaneously transcend the genre to which they belong.
Smooth, interlaced guitar work seems to act a strange counterpoint to the rest of the group. Abrasive vocals and frantic drum work, two traits that seem to define the genre, seem to take the back seat to the guitar work here. Therein lies Suis La Lune's defining characteristic. Major key arpeggios, gleaming, shimmering octave chords, a peaceful, reflective aesthetic. Suis La Lune is no one-trick pony however. The music varies greatly, from smooth guitar interludes backed only by delicate drums to a full, aggressive sound, complimented by an impeccable selection of cymbals on the drum set and the ethereal vocal work.

"The Light Matters Always Matters" proves to be a great example of the smooth transition from one sonic texture to another, while still remaining under the aesthetic banner that Suis La Lune seems to so comfortably occupy. It seems foolish to try an point to specific examples from the album to characterize the work however. The album's simply extremely consistent, and picking any one example of brilliance would do the rest of the album an injustice.
Being a full-length album, Quiet, Pull The Strings! seems to allow for the group to explore a great deal more musical elements. The album is distinguished from their earlier work in it's spastic nature, not only in individual moments of the album, but the incredible diversity and smooth transition from one musical idea to the next. The album's a fast-paced journey through a variety of musical concepts, struggling to be heard in such a brief album. As a result, Quiet, Pull The Strings! feels almost like a teaser for what is to come, an invitation into Suis La Lune's collective imagination. Yet each idea is full-realized, and this lends great diversity in such a short release.
It's a quick listen, and one that will draw your attention time and time again. It's brief and varied, and without a shadow of a doubt, worth your attention if you take even the smallest of the pleasure in the genre.


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