Saturday, March 12, 2011

An Albatross - 2008 The Family Album

Band : An Albatross
Album : The Family Album
Release Year : 2008
Genre : Experimental / Psychadelic / Noisecore

Tracklist : 
1. Neon Guru
2. ...And Now Emerges the Silver Pilgrim
3. The Hymn of the Angel People
4. The Psychonaut & the Rustbelt
5. Starving on Rabbit Meat
6. A Convivial Feast of the Peace Beast
7. Floodgates Released
8. The Electric Proletariat Rides a Velvet Chariot
9. 3,000 Light Years By Way of the Spacehawk

For mad noise rock band An Albatross, a family reunion of sorts was a must. By reuniting nearly every band member since 1999 and adding a bit of new blood to the arrangements, The An Albatross Family Album really is the sort of shambolic and insanely imaginative piece of miraculous madness expected from such a motley crew.
The record began as a series of basic tracks put down at Hypersnakes Studio in New Jersey during a week-long session in early 2008.With a core group in the studio, more sessions piled on top of other sessions. July 2008 saw the band’s core united and reuniting with some 14 fellow musicians and composers to lay down the nine tracks of this most peculiar Family Album.

Dizzying and discombobulated, The An Albatross Family Album isn’t music for the faint of heart. The tracks weave together to tell an allegorical tale about a tribe of pilgrims on a journey to discover the cosmos and find the recipe for peace and understanding.
Like Daughters and The Locust, these guys were formerly associated with the "grindcore" scene. And, just as both of those bands' recent albums had shattered the constraints of that rarely accurate label by making songs over a minute or two long, so have An Albatross. This is more than the genre-bending you've come to expect from them, with the help of a bit more compositional breathing room, which mostly means that there's more to enjoy.

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