Saturday, March 12, 2011

Angora Static - 2005 Self-titled

Band : Angora Static
Album : Self-titled
Release Year : 2005
Genre : Hardcore / Screamo

Tracklist : 
01 Hibernation
02 Europa
03 Catch The Girl's Pulse...
04 This Fatwah Is For You Baby
05 Irnini
06 Fate Is A Juggernaut
07 Trees Are Slow Explosions
08 The Rapist

The Nordiques service, Angora Static, Kaospilot buddies after a first single drops of ink on their first album three labels simultaneously. In these days and this shortness screamo-hardcore, it was feared for the Norwegians. But very clever, they avoid falling into the trap and targets a much wider audience. On an underlayer hardcore history, Angora Static is liberating inspiration for grafting bits of passion deep in the body, complexity smoking, guitar riffs and structures that go far beyond the punk who sleeps in them by their approach very do-it-yourself. The eight songs are dense and rich, the fineness between the lines, beautiful glow melodic, airy and aggressive when needed. Not really, Angora Static worked with skill and released an album every bit as remarkable. Those who mourn Yage, Yaphet Kotto and Harriet the Spy, while hoping for something that goes beyond would do well to note the name in a corner of their ugly noggin.

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