Friday, March 11, 2011

Arab on Radar - 1998 Rough Day at the Orifice

Band : Arab on Radar
Album : Rough Day at the Orifice
Release Year : 1998
Genre : Post-Punk / Noise / Experimental

Tracklist :
 01. biggest little prick in the union
02. spitshine my asshole
03. herpes simplex ii
04. his maintenance
05. don't call him a retard
06. (rough day at the orifice) split lip
07. herpes simplex i
08. menstruating thrills
09. red panties at night, sailors delight

Rough Day At The Orifice (On Pop Pop, 1998 - 31G, 2003) is a demented collage of feverish and feral sounds, vaguely approaching the state of music, somewhere along the twisted line that straddles Red Crayola, Pop Group, Mars, Pere Ubu, and Six Finger Satellite.

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